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FAQs & Repair Troubleshooting

Here are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with answers about repairs and contacts. Please review them prior to contacting the office. In addition, below the FAQ section, you will find New Resident phone numbers and websites to help you.

How do I request a normal repair?

What is considered an after-hours emergency?

My A/C is not working. What should I do?

  • If the fan is running and blowing air, but not cooling, check the A/C filter. Please watch the video for instructions on locating the filter.
  • If dirty, clean and/or replace the filter, shut off the A/C, wait for at least eight hours and turn it back on. It should start to cool.
  • If the filter is clean, or the A/C system is not blowing any air, call the office at 239-443-1343. After hours, weekends or holidays, call the emergency number 239-671-2084.

I have no hot water. What should I do?

  • Go to the electrical panel and check the hot water breaker. If it is switched to the off position, wait 10 seconds, and switch it back on.
  • Wait one hour. If there is still no hot water, call the service department 239-443-1343. Do not call the emergency number.
Picture of a breaker, for water heater reset. 24 hour service department. Property management, cape coral, fort myers, lehigh acres, naples, port charlotte, punta gorda, and imokalee. Best local property management near me, southwest florida.

Well Water not working? Follow our quick reset instructions.

  • The power supply to your well will shut off if the GFI outlet detects water near the power supply. This commonly happens after storms.
  • First, you may have to unplug any cords to access the reset button on the outlet. The RESET button is the top button, in the middle of the outlet.
  • If the well does not start up, please proceed to the full well water reset instructions provided below.
GFI outlet for well water reset. Rossman Realty Property Management 24 service department. Property Management, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, Naples, punta gorda, port charlotte, and imokalee. Best property management in southwest florida, near me.

Well Water Full Reset Instructions.

  • Please first refer to the Well Water System Start-up Instructions
  • If you follow the instructions and you still have no water, call the office at 239-443-1091. After hours, weekends, or holidays, call the emergency number 239-671-2084.


The toilet is still running after I flush. What should I do?

  • Shut off the water supply valve, located on the wall behind the toilet. Call the office at 239-443-1343. If this is the only toilet available, call the emergency number 239-671-2084.
  • NOTE: There is no charge for running toilet repairs.
Toilet shut off instructions, Rossman Realty Property Management 24 hour maintenance department. Property Management, cape coral, fort myers, lehigh acres, imokalee, naples, punta gorda, and port charlotte. Best property management company in southwest florida, near me.

The toilet(s) are bubbling or not flushing. What should I do?

How do I clear my garbage disposal?

  • Switch the garbage disposal, if there is no sound, use the RESET button located beneath the disposal.
  • If the disposal makes a humming sound and does not spin, there is a possibility it is stuck. Check to see if anything is visibly lodged.
  • Unplug the disposal underneath the sink to stop power. Use a grabbing object to remove any food that may be stuck in the blades. DO NOT stick your hand inside. Give the blades a gentle twist, DO NOT use force.
  • If your attempt was unsuccessful, please call the office at 239-443-1343

What should I not put down my drains that will hurt a septic tank?

What do I do if my sprinklers come on during the day?

Who puts up my hurricane shutters?

I just turned on my heater and smell something burning - is anything wrong?

Can I park on the hill in the front or rear of the property?

New Tenant Resources

Lee County Electric Cooperative (LCEC)

Phone: (800) 599-2356

Florida Power & Light (FPL)

Phone: (800) 468-8243

Cape Coral Water & Sewer

Phone: (239) 574-7722

Lehigh Water Department (FGUA)

Phone: (239) 368-1615

WastePro Lee County

Phone: (239) 337-0800

Xfinity - Internet Service Provider

Phone: (800) 934-6489

Lee County School District

Phone: (239) 334-1102